Alex’s manifest

alex-manifest-imageI am enough for me and I am enough for the world.

I love my weaknesses and I love other people’s weaknesses.

I will find my way because I am a winner. I will never give up no matter how many times I fall down. I will stand up again.

I already have my place in the universe. It’s just a bit dark. My duty and passion is to shed some light onto it.

I will keep on creating and keep on loving life, embracing clean pain and transforming dirty pain into fuel for what I do.

I want to help people realise who they truly are and escape from their self-made prisons.

I want to surrender to a higher will and I want to fight every moment for my life.

Everything has been given to me but nothing’s for granted.

Every person that I meet I am interested in. Everyone is a potential friend or ally. And if they prove to be not, they still provide an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson.

I am one of a kind but I am not lonely.

I am a boy who will never grow old and I am an old man speaking only when he has a wise or witty remark to make.

I enjoy.
I dream.
I suffer.
I shiver.
I play.
I cry.
I love.
I live.
I am.

Come and join me.