No love lost

One of the hardest moments in life is when you realise that whatever big and important thing you have managed to achieve as a result of your hard work – a work which lasted weeks, months or even years – is lost, vanished, in a matter of days, hours or even moments.
But there is something that is never lost.
And this is all the love that you have invested in your work.
And every time you invest love in something, you irrevocably offer a true piece of yourself in the process.
And this eternally remains – it is enshrined in the Great Invisible Gallery of Meaning – as a testimony of your presence in / passage from this life.
Even though you may not always be able to see it of feel it.
So, try to rejoice, if you can, in the fact that you will never reap the fruits of your constant – if you are lucky – self-offering act.
Try to rejoice, if you can, in the fact that your work – if it bears even crumbles of real value – will be the fertiliser for the soil in which the future generations will cultivate and grow their genius’s unique and by definition unforeseen plants and trees, of which the fruits they will also never have the chance to taste themselves.
Try to realise that this death-infused, toxic rat race to reach the great beyond, that is life, is all you’ve got.

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