Dear Visitor, welcome!

I’m Alexarchos a.k.a. Alex E.

I create something new every day.
Everything I do is manifested via some kind of performance.

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. For the past 5 years I have been working for a major international organisation in Frankfurt, Germany, to support my manifold artistic endeavours until the time when they will fully sustain me financially.

I have self-published two books titled “MONO” and “Grey Zones of Savoir Vivre”. I am constantly writing something, in English or Greek, be it fiction, poetry or non-fiction. I have recently started my new project (Alex E.’s liberating deliberations) which consists of a series of non-fiction articles on certain timelessly popular topics.

I have taken acting lessons for two years and starred or co-starred in at least five theatrical plays or performances.
I have been singing non-stop and everywhere since forever, which eventually resulted in me joining two professional choirs.
I draw a bit, especially when it’s Friday (long story).

Overall, I am drawn by anything extraordinary, beautiful, magical, groundbreaking and my mission is to flood the world with things which are naturally preceded by these adjectives.

Let me share with you my creations, my dreams, my perspectives.